Ash-Cum-Ridley Parish Council

Ash cum Ridley Parish Council badge



 A vacancy has arisen for a Parish Councillor to represent the South East Ward of Ash and New Ash Green. Applications are being sought from eligible* people suitably qualified to serve.


The Parish Council is involved in most local matters: planning, highways and footpaths. Support for local services and organisations, environmental, crime and quality of life issues. It is responsible for the management of Ash Green Sports Centre and the Ash Burial Ground. It is consulted over local matters and tries to put forward the local point of view. Parish Council meetings are held on the third Thursday evening of every month.

APPLICATIONS Those persons interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should request further information from the Parish Clerk, Parish Office, Ash-cum-Ridley Parish Council, Ash Green Sports Centre, Ash Road, New Ash Green, Kent, DA3 8JZ, telephone 01474 702760 email:

*ELIGIBILITY Subject to the rules on disqualification, a person is qualified if they are a British subject, a Commonwealth citizen or a Euro national, are over 18 and an elector of the parish. In addition they will qualify if:-

                                            • During the whole of the 12 months before the day on which they are nominated have resided in the parish or within three miles of it, or

                                            • have occupied any land as owner or tenant or premises in the parish, or

                                            • have had their principal or only place of work there.



The parish of Ash-cum-Ridley encompasses four distinct communities: 

Ash, Hodsoll Street, New Ash Green and Ridley.

Ash, Hodsoll Street and Ridley are small ancient settlements, whereas New Ash Green is a large new village that provides some of the facilities more usually found in a small town.